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Foot Tracks on Sand


               Every Story Has a Life



Every life has a story, and every story has a life;

though one passes on, the story here survives.

So, what is to become of ones' story remains...

these gifts of life, they’re all one and the same?

And how can they thrive unless someone shares?

As I pondered these things, it became quite clear.

No mystery here to solve, the answers are within;

we’re called to be a witness and share before men.

With eyes wide-open, to this truth buried deep;

suddenly I could see all the gifts He placed in me.

Stories to share, we're like diamonds in the sand;

embedded in my heart, and power in my hand.

Dare I keep them to myself less fate fails to unfold?

Like candles unkindled, remain stories untold.

Unbridle the blessings! Cast fear to the wind!

Life dwells in each story, with healing to no end.

So nest awhile dear ones, for the time is not long;

soon your story shared, will break forth a newsong!

D. René


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